Succession Law in Cyprus

By Achilles Emilianides

01 January 2015

The book Succession Law in Cyprus (in Greek) aims to interpret Cyprus succession law, with analysis of all relevant laws and hitherto jurisprudence of the Cypriot courts, in a manner which can be exploited by lawyers of both theory and practice, barristers and judges, but also by law students.
The third edition was dictated by the need to record the changes made in the on Wills and Succession Law, ν. 96 (I) / 2015, as well as some jurisprudential developments.
Also included is a detailed first approach to the provisions of Regulation 650/2012 of the European Parliament and the Council of July 4, 2012, which came into effect on August 17, 2015, on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of decisions, acceptance and enforcement of public documents in matters of succession and the creation of a European Certificate of succession, in the negotiation of which the author participated as an expert on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus.

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