EK announces appointment of Strategic Business Advisor, Mr Aristos Stylianou

Nicosia, 23rd September 2021 – Emilianides Katsaros LLC is proud to announce the start of its collaboration with Mr Aristos Stylianou, as a Strategic Business Advisor of the firm & group of professional services.

Mr Stylianou brings a top-level experience and a professional track-record of the highest calibre to EK team, having excelled in various top executive positions.

“Adding Aristos’ expertise and skillset in EK team, demonstrates our commitment to offer best quality services to our clients, enhances our path in transforming into a holistic professional services group of the highest standards & to explore new horizons,” said Mr Costas Katsaros, EK Managing Partner.

Mr Aristos Stylianou is a qualified accountant who after some time in the accounting profession moved to the Bank of Cyprus Group. During his time there, he served as Corporate Finance Manager at Cisco and then General Manager of the General Insurance of Cyprus. In 2004, he moved to the top Executive Team of the Bank of Cyprus Group as COO (Chief Operating Officer) and then as Executive Chairman of the Bank’s Insurance business which included Eurolife and the General Insurance of Cyprus. He served in various Group internal and external boards and committees including the Board of the Insurance Association of Cyprus and the Cyprus Banks Association. In the latter, he held the position of Chairman at various periods during the critical times of 2012-2015.

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