Newsletter No. 8 / 27 August 2020

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cyprus, published on the 21st August 2020, the following announcement.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will provide additional support to the country of Lebanon by providing the opportunity to entrepreneurs to migrate their businesses to Cyprus and also offering to Lebanese affected children access to public education in Cyprus. 

The latter support scheme is offered as part of the general support offered to the Lebanon people post the tragic events, i.e., the incident of the deadly explosion in the port of Beirut. The Council of Ministers, during its meeting on 21st August 2020 announced its plans to institute an interministerial Committee. Further details on the specifics of the plan will be announcement by the Committee during this week; this is concerning a comprehensive plan to facilitate Lebanese who wish to move their business to Cyprus

Also, for those that choose that their children continue their education at educational institutions in Cyprus, there will be relevant provisions in place.

As a main scope of these incentives, the Republic of Cyprus is aiming to facilitate those who choose to continue their business/commercial activities in Cyprus, in a context of solidarity, which the Republic of Cyprus has shown immediately since the aftermath of the disaster.

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