Updates on EU Sanctions against Russia

On the 23rd of June 2023, the EU announced the adoption of the 11th package of economic and individual sanctions against Russia. The new package introduces new measures for imports and exports, transportation by sea and strengthens the measures already in place by limiting cases of circumvention.

  • Imports and Exports
    • Prohibition of transit of more goods and technology that may be used in the development of the Russian defence and security sectors and which are exported from the EU via the territory of Russia.
    • Prohibition of trailers and semi-trailers registered in Russia from transporting goods by road into the EU.

 Prohibitions on transportation by sea

The competent authorities will be able to prohibit access to EU ports and locks to any vessels that engage in ship-to ship transfers, if they have reason to believe that such vessels:

  • are in breach of restrictions for the import of Russian crude oil and petroleum products, or
  • transport such products that were purchased above the legal price cap, or
  • have illegally interfered with their navigation system (e.g. deactivation).
  • Circumvention of sanctions

The EU will engage in bilateral and multilateral cooperation with third countries to tackle the activity of third-country operators who facilitate the circumvention of sanctions. If the jurisdiction of a third country is found to provide fertile ground for the circumvention of sanctions, the Council may even unanimously decide to restrict the sale, supply, transfer or export of goods and technology whose export to Russia is already prohibited – notably battlefield products and technologies.

  • Sanctions Lists

Finally, the Council decided to list a significant amount of additional individuals and entities and has extended the suspension of broadcasting licenses of five media outlets. The Council has also acknowledged 87 entities, which will become subject to more strict export restrictions due to their role in facilitating the circumvention of sanctions and which have been added in the list of entities that support the military and industrial complex of Russia.



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