Brexit : What happens next

A matter that is being discussed lately is the Brexit in the UK .

The general election on the 12 th of December has now received the Royal Assent which means it is law. Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that the UK will be leaving the Eu on the 31st of October and that he had agreed a deal with the EU.

Now matters have changed and the bill implementing will be on hold until after the elections.Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, two of all MPs -434 in total are needed to get an early election using  that procedure .

What happens next on brexit would depend on the outcome of the upcoming election.

Therefore we are dealing with 4 options :Dealing with the brexit deal that was first negotiated with the EU with Mr Johnson .The aim would be to get the bill completed in time for brexit on the 31 of January.     This is the Conservatives plan .

Another referendum although, it would certainly require a further Brexit delay. New referendum would require new legislation to be held. There would also have to be time for the Electoral Commission to consider the question wording especially if its  a referendum with more than two options.

Experts at the Constitution unit at University College London states that, it would take minimum 22 weeks.

NO DEAL BREXIT defines that leaving without a deal and this will cause a massive damage to UK economy its been said by politicians and businessmen.

Cancel BREXIT defines the liberal democrats said if they won a majority in the House of Commons, they will revoke Article 50 and cancel BREXIT.

Unfortunately, the future of the UK is unknown and we still waiting for the upcoming solution

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