Bank Account Opening

Our law firm can provide you with the right support and get you a fast Bank Account opening for individuals of any nationality and for companies incorporated anywhere in the world. Once the account is set up, we can provide signatory services, obtain debit and credit cards, and set up online banking services for you.

In our efforts to provide fast banking to all our clients, we entered into several introduction agreements with international and Cypriot banks. This enhancement provides our firm with the power and authority to act as an introducer for the opening of bank accounts in Cyprus and internationally.

We do our best to provide our clients with innovative banking solutions that will assist them in keeping up with the fast pace of today’s technology in the business world. Before the opening of every bank account, we take into consideration the needs of our client as well as the requirements of every bank in order to build up the best combination.

For corporate bank accounts, we assess the business activity of the company before proposing a certain bank, with the aim of matching the company to the bank that would best serve the company.

  • Introducing, recommending, and assessing every bank’s requirements in order to offer the best banking services for Cypriot and Foreign companies and individuals.
  • We assist and advise our clients with all the compliance work in relation to the bank, Know your Customer (KYC) and due diligence.
  • Managing required internal procedures and controlling banking activities.
  • Providing assistance with managing documentation required for international banking transfers, such as contracts.

A bank account in Cyprus will provide your business flexibility, speed, professional tools for fast trading, and most importantly the means to success. Not only do banks in Cyprus offer banking services of high quality, being equally efficient to those of any international bank, but have also eliminated any restriction as to the transfer of money in and out of the country. Some of the main advantages of opening a bank account in Cyprus are:

  • The simple and fast procedures needed for the opening of the Bank account for both Cypriot and foreign individuals.
  • Most Cypriot banks do not require minimum start-up deposit.
  • An online Cypriot bank account provides i-banking, allowing quick and easy transfers devoid of any restrictions and/or limitations.
  • Low Banking fees on transfers and on other banking services.
  • No restrictions apply on the movement of money in or out of the country

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