Our firm has the requisite knowledge and expertise to advise and set up the ideal Trust to match your circumstances and needs and offer the necessary services in order for you to enjoy all the benefits that a Trust has to offer.

In respect of our trust services, our clients include individuals wishing to set up trusts, beneficiaries and trustees.

We may be appointed as trustees through our own trust companies or through the creation of private trustee companies and carry out all the demands of the settlor according to the terms of the trusts. We provide our professional advice on trustee duties and powers, beneficiary rights and distributions, changes of beneficiaries, the tax position of trusts and the exercise of trust powers and indemnities, and other trust-related issues. An additional consultation can be offered in the form of written advice upon the legal, tax and other cost implications of the various methods of transferring specific assets to a trust.

Our firm’s legal consultants who specialize in Trust Law, will undertake with complete confidentiality the formation and administration of a Cyprus International Trust and our firm’s services include the following:

Professional Trustee and/or Administration services

Set-up of a new Trust:

  • Client due diligence
  • Drafting and Registration of the new trust
  • Advice on the required procedure for registration
  • Drafting agreements required for the proper administration of the trust
  • Making distributions to the beneficiaries and advising on tax-related matters

Trust Deed

  • Drafting of the trust deed
  • Legal compliance review of trust deed
  • Formal amendments to Trust Deeds and change of Trustees
  • Drafting of Trustees’ minutes
  • Drafting of resolutions

Administration Services

  • Opening, administering and monitoring bank accounts
  • Drafting the agenda and minutes for the annual trustees meeting
  • Arranging for signature and implementation of decisions made at the meeting
  • Annual trustees meeting: arranging, attending and chairing the meeting at our offices
  • Provision of corporate Trustee
  • Liaising with fund managers for the operation of investment accounts

Advising on family asset protection and inheritance issues

  • We advise individuals and their families on how to protect their inheritance and/or assets from third parties, on personal or family issues, and preserve confidentiality for present and future generations.


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