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Being one of the best law firms in Cyprus, we are eager to provide comprehensive legal advice, corporate, management, consultancy, and advisory services.

Given our expertise and experience in corporate and commercial services, we provide integrated solutions, adapted to the individual circumstances, requirements, expectations, and preferences of our clients, to solve complex issues. The experience of our members extends beyond transactional work and we look after our clients through every stage of the company life cycle. We gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business and their objectives and we assist them in taking all the required steps to incorporate and establish their business in Cyprus, whether they wish to expand a new venture or expand an overseas activity.

Our corporate advisory team works diligently in order to take care of all your initial and ongoing legal and operational needs. In setting up a company, a number of key choices exist with regard to structure, funding and taxation. Once you have chosen your business structure, we will provide comprehensive services in relation to the incorporation and management of the company, the registration of the incorporated entity at all relevant governmental authorities, the dealing with all regulatory issues, the opening of bank accounts, and secretarial and directorships services.

Our lawyers provide advice on corporate governance issues, and advise directors, shareholders and members on their ongoing obligations, duties, and potential liabilities. Through our specialized legal consultants in corporate statutory compliance matters and company administration services, we provide advice and offer unique and transparent solutions to each and every client. Through our diverse capabilities and profound experience, we provide full support to our clients in respect of commercial advice and of legal opinions on all aspects of running their businesses. We are negotiating, drafting and reviewing commercial contracts focused on the specific circumstances and requirements of each client.

Our aim is to be the corporate and commercial legal team for all your current and future business interests. Lawyers who understand you, your business, and your sector, is what you can expect from our highly professional and widely recommended commercial and corporate team.

In order to incorporate a Company in Cyprus, one must first choose the name of the Company along with the desired main activities. It is important that we are provided three preferences in order to avoid any synonymity with other Company names.

Upon approval of the Company name by the competent Authorities, our lawyers will proceed with all necessary steps regarding the preparation of all documentation and forms which are required for the incorporation.

The next step in the incorporation of the Company is the preparation of the Memorandum and of the Articles of the Association, which includes essential information such as the objects of the Company, the scope of the Company’s principal activities, the name of the shareholders, the amount of capital and the number of shares taken by each shareholder.

Memorandum and Articles of Association must be signed by the shareholders of the Company. The forms should also be signed by one of the Officers of the Company.

As soon as all the necessary documents are prepared and executed, our legal consultants will submit the aforementioned documents to the Cyprus Company Registrar.


Jurisdiction: Cyprus

  • Company Type: Public or Private Company Limited by shares
  • Number of Shareholders: Minimum 1
  • Number of Directors: Minimum 1
  • Number of Secretary: Minimum 1
  • Share Capital: Usually €1,000 with nominal value €1.00 per share
  • Registered Office: It is compulsory to have a registered office in Cyprus

In our efforts to better support our clients in establishing their businesses in Cyprus, our law firm maintains a wide range of already approved company names. Currently, you may choose any of the following list of approved company names:







Should you wish to reserve your company name, you can contact us directly at


Our business support services also include Shelf companies. If a client wishes to immediately establish its business in Cyprus, we have the solution as we maintain a wide range of shelf companies which are immediately available for purchase. If a client chooses to proceed with the purchase of a shelf company, any desired changes in the corporate structure of the said company for instance, change of the name and/or change its directors, secretary and shareholders, could be effected at any time. It is worth noting that all our shelf companies have no assets or liabilities nor have they ever conducted business. The only shareholder of all our shelf companies is a company fully owned by our firm, incorporated for the sole purpose of representation.

Timeframe for the changes in shelf company:

  • 2-3 business days for the approval of the application for the change of the name of the company
  • 3-4 business days for the change of name of the company, and
  • 5-6 business days for the approval of the changes in the corporate structure of the company referred to above.

Should you wish to reserve a shelf company, you can contact us directly at 

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