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Conducting business through international transactions and dealing with contract negotiations can be very demanding for the involved parties and such transactions often last for a long period of time. A business operating internationally in today’s regulated markets, which are growing rapidly, faces the challenge to maintain a balance between achieving the business goals and managing the commercial risks.

Parties involved in international commercial transactions must be aware of a lot of different aspects and conditions usually under different applicable laws. The success of a business is based on the efficiency and the strength of its relationships with third parties, whether these are prospective partners, customers, intermediaries or suppliers. At our firm, we aim to provide assurance to our clients by making sure that all the difficult procedures will be examined and explained thoroughly. We do not simply advise our clients on how to prepare and draft the agreements of their transactions, but we cooperate and work with them from the beginning in order to help them decide the most effective plan and structure for their project and we share our experiences from various projects we have worked on. We identify all the issues that are relevant to the transactions, whether these are legal or commercial and we try to work to achieve the best outcome for our clients by navigating these challenges and by understanding the details of our clients' business.

Our lawyers can assist during all stages of such big transactions, fully undertaking the negotiation phase on behalf of our clients and ensuring that all the contracts are impeccable. Thus, we enable our clients to confidently conduct business with any third party anywhere in the world. Our services in relation to international transactions include, inter alia, the following:

  • Conducting a full-compliance check on the parties and the subject of the transaction
  • Conducting KYC and applying anti-money-laundering procedures
  • Preparing legal due diligence reports
  • Reviewing any transaction document, agreement, supporting materials
  • Drafting any kind of agreement, deed, legal document
  • Providing legal advice
  • Providing our clients with the requisite information and/or requirements pursuant to the applicable law
  • Finding solutions that best fit our clients’ needs

In brief, due to our firm's experience and the knowledge we have of the international markets, we can guarantee the most efficient and cost-effective results for your business and the projects you wish to get involved in.

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