Human Resources Support

Our firm always strives to exceed our clients’ expectations and is committed to finding business-efficient solutions. We actively work on ways to better service our clients’ needs. We coordinate the management of our clients’ businesses in order to identify staffing needs, conduct workforce planning and arrange campaigns using different platforms. We undertake the hiring procedure: from determining selection criteria and designing relevant assessment tools/interview guides for each position, writing and posting the job descriptions, managing and collecting the inflow of Curriculum Vitae resumes, pre-screening candidates and setting up interviews.

We always ensure that there is compliance with external bodies, and that our clients’ businesses constantly follow the correct procedures according to all applicable laws. We devise systems to keep the employees of our clients in compliance with the laws, rules and GDPR regulations. We also advise our clients on procedures that can be followed for handling grievances or misconducts. For the new members of our clients’ businesses, we undertake to assist in all kinds of employment matters including, but not limited to, the preparation, drafting and negotiating of employment agreements, policy manuals, employees’ queries about HR-related issues and declarations of their rights and liabilities.

It is worth noting that our firm enjoys close links and associations with law firms in a plethora of jurisdictions, as well as with accounting, audit and fiduciary providers of excellent standing and our international clients rely on such connections, benefitting from our affiliates’ services.

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