The Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007 - Law No. 144(I)/2007, which implements the provisions of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), makes Cyprus an ideal jurisdiction for the establishment of your investment firm, while offering a passport to potential investors to provide investment services within the European Union.

Advantages of CIFs in Cyprus:

  1. EU Passport: An Investment Firm licensed in Cyprus can be used for the provision of investment services from Cyprus in all EU markets, while it can also offer investment services to third countries.
  2. Attractive Tax Environment: Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the EU and Eurozone at 12,5%. Cyprus also offers full exemption from tax on gains from trading in securities and on foreign dividends. In combination with a wide network of double-tax treaties, this gives many options for international tax planning.
  3. Modern Regulatory Framework: Cyprus offers a competitive, modern and transparent financial and regulatory framework.
  4. Multinational Presence: There are currently many foreign banks with fully-fledged offices in Cyprus serving the vast majority of Cyprus incorporated companies.
  5. Cost Effectiveness: Professional-services fees in Cyprus are highly competitive compared to other European jurisdictions, without compromising quality of service.
  6. Strategic Geographic Location: Cyprus has a strategic location in the eastern Mediterranean Sea as it is situated in the middle of three continents, namely Asia, Europe and Africa, and offers a gateway to the Middle East.

Our Advisory department can assist you in obtaining an Investment Firm (CIF) License from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). The above authorization is granted under the MIFID regulation. Cyprus maintains one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe with a highly sophisticated and developed infrastructure to best serve the financial-services industry needs.

Our Firm, may provide you with advisory services for:

  • The obtaining of regulatory permits and licenses for Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs), Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), Alternative Investments Fund Managers (AIFMs) and other entities.
  • The opening of bank accounts in Cyprus as well as in other jurisdictions.
  • The authorization and registration of the Cyprus Investment Firm.
  • The preparation of the application in accordance with current regulatory requirements.
  • Locating qualified executive and non-executive directors and personnel.
  • The provision of legal, accounting and auditing support for your investment firm.
  • Day to day administration and management of your business.

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