Under Article 37 of GDPR certain organisations are required to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The scope of the role itself is broad in nature and it would have to be at a senior level in the organisation. Some organisations may find it hard to attract and retain a DPO that meets the criteria and also may struggle to justify the expense of such a person on a fulltime basis. Recognising this challenge, GDPR allows for DPOs to be outsourced or co-sourced.

Our DPOs will work in partnership with your internal Data Controller and data personnel to review your documentation and polices to ensure they are compatible with the GDPR on an on-going basis. Our DPOs will give your organisation independent advice without any internal conflict. We will become the mediator between the organisation and the Commissioner should any breach or conflict occur.

Our DPO Services at a glance:

  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Protection Audit and Risk Assessment
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Website policies, such as cookies, Privacy Disclaimers etc.
  • Contract management support
  • Data privacy risk assessment
  • Support in case of Data Breach
  • Data Protection awareness campaign

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