Asset Management is required in cases you are in a dilemma on which portfolios to keep or divest, as well as if you are looking for new investments so as to acquire new resources or improve the existing ones.

At the moment wealth and asset managers are experiencing a time of exponential change. FinTech disruptors continue to shift the rules, newer investors aren’t flocking to older channels and cost pressure is relentless.

We help you re-think everything from pricing and operating models to coopetition and convergence. We bring critical questions into focus, which lead to bolder strategies, simplified operations and sustainable growth. Our sharp understanding of the state of play allows us to shift discussion from reacting to change, to helping shape it.

Ultimately, our work helps you not only to stay competitive, but also to change investing for the better.

What we offer:

  • Asset management services to individuals and institutions.
  • Personalized investment plans based on our clients’ financial position, risk tolerance, investment horizon and expected future income.
  • Collect and assess internal and external research material.
  • Review and structure portfolios.
  • Analyze and assess best portfolio weights.
  • Direct research in areas of concern.
  • Assess customer risk profiles and ensure that investments are based on these guidelines.
  • Evaluate and revise financial reporting requirements.

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