Administrative Law

Administrative Law at a glance

Administrative law is a branch of public law that governs the administration and activities of government agencies, the legal relationship between such agencies and the individuals, and the public at large. It could also be argued that administrative law attempts to regulate the increasingly complex social, economic and political spheres of human interaction. The activities and decisions of administrative bodies can be challenged before the Administrative Court of Cyprus. 

Sources of Cyprus Administrative Law:

  • European Union Law
  • Constitution of Cyprus
  • International Treaties
  • Laws enacted by the House of Representatives
  • Secondary Legislation/Regulations enacted by the governmental bodies
  • Case Law
  • Human Rights Law

The expertise of EK in the field

Our Firm and our firm’s company, Achilles & Emile C. Emilianides law firm, has significant knowledge and vast experience in providing legal services in Cyprus in this field, including:

  • Representation of individuals and government bodies before the Supreme Court, in the exercise of its revisional jurisdiction operating as an annulling Court, and the Administrative Court
  • Advisory services to government bodies regarding their decision-making process
  • Advisory services to government bodies regarding their legislative drafting process
  • Analysing and commenting on proposed Rules and Regulations
  • Counseling Agency Staff and Officials
  • Representation of individuals in Constitutional litigation procedures (cancellation, suspension, questions referred for a preliminary ruling)
  • Advice and guidance to decision-makers
  • Our lawyers also represent numerous utility authorities, planning and development districts and other local governmental entities encompassing the full gamut of local administrative laws

Why choose EK?

Being one of the best law firms in Cyprus we have a diverse practice in Public Law that includes constitutional and administrative law, as well as human rights cases. By way of example, our firm has recently won two leading cases on human rights Law - a civil and criminal case respectively. Furthermore, Dr Prof Emilianides has also contributed to the administrative law field, in a case before the Administrative Court, establishing the right of an out-of-procedure individual to enjoy the rights conferred upon an applicant in the administrative procedures.Our law firm is distinguished for its experience in complex and unprecedented administrative litigation, which was acquired through its regular representation of clients at the administrative level of state government by appearing before numerous state boards, commissions and agencies.

The EK team, comprised of qualified, passionate and ambitious legal consultants, offers successful and most cost-efficient results for clients, as critical issues are identified at an early stage and then used appropriately to maximise the advantage in the litigation process.

You can rely on our team to anticipate your needs and outperform your expectations.

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