Environmental Law

The environment, as well as the desire to protect it, has been a tremendous issue this past decade. (space) People’s environmental awareness has been mainly increased since Cyprus became a member State of the European Union (2000-2004). Since joining the European Union, Cyprus had the obligation to adapt its legal system in order to implement the European legislation and also to align its national laws, rules and procedures, thus achieving harmonisation of laws. The introduction of Environmental law has been a landmark in the process of developing environmental awareness. The term “Environmental law” does not simply mean national legislation on the subject but it might also cover the desire of industries and other businesses to contribute to the creation of an ethical code by introducing industrial rules and standards.

Environmental law affects everyone- individual health, business activity, geographical sustainability and their preservation is vital for the future generations and economy.

National and community, environmental legislation covers the following areas:

  • Valuation of the impact on the environment
  • Protection of nature and biodiversity
  • Control of water pollution
  • Sewage management
  • Climatic action
  • Green Economy
  • Circular Economy
  • Green tools
  • N127 (I) 2018 with regards to the consequences on the environment

Our law firm has in depth knowledge and great experience in providing legal services in the area of Environmental law. In particular, we provide legal advice on various aspects of the existing legislation and especially on the protection of the environment and the exploitation of energy and natural resources on national as well as an international level. Moreover, we offer legal support on various environmental issues and to clients wishing to enrol in developmental programs.

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Our law firm consists of young, aspiring lawyers who are filled with passion for the legal profession and always strive for self and team improvement. Our legal consultants are professionals with experience in Environmental Law, since they have participated in numerous relevant seminars, whereas some have also specialized in this area of Law.

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