The hospitality sector in Cyprus, is strongly connected with tourism. It constitutes, possibly the most important part of our economy, in which thousands of our compatriots are employed. This industry touches upon a plethora of legal areas and therefore many organisations have been established in order to maintain its exemplary quality standards.

Both physical and legal entities that specialise in the hospitality industry must seek legal advice for the whole spectrum of their activities in order to protect their proper functioning as well as their employees’ rights.

It is of pivotal importance to make sure that all necessary licenses for the operation of their establishments have been secured. Such licences must be obtained from the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the local Municipal Authorities together with any other relevant state authority, something that may vary depending on the business activity pursued.

Legal advice must be also given before entering into any contractual relationship. Such contracts may be executed daily with clients, travel agents and suppliers, thus all parties must ensure that every possible precaution is taken. One could find many examples of such contracts, which ended up requiring adjudication as a result of a party’s inability to carry out its contractual obligations.

In addition to the above, issues touching upon relevant provisions of employment law may be raised. This stems from the abovementioned fact that the hospitality industry is possibly the largest employment sector in Cyprus and thus the rights of its numerous employees must be secured and protected. Employment contracts that safeguard both sides, can be an optimum solution for everyone who aims in avoiding any obstacle in his path towards the development of his business.

Lastly, every reputable company must make sure that no accident will ever take place in its premises or at the very least, that it will take every reasonable step to prevent such incident from ever happening. Millions of tourists visit our country annually. Consequently, taking every sensibly required precaution, offering a safe workplace and ensuring that the highest standards of hygiene are followed, should be the highest priority for every company that is active in the hospitality sector.

Our law offices handle numerous cases involving this industry, both in court as well as extra-judicially. We handle cases from every aspects of the aforementioned of legal areas. Through our experience in various cases, we have developed a high level of expertise, thus attracting many high-profile clients in our clientele, including travel agents and owners of tourist compounds, restaurants, shops and hotels.

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