Internet Media Law

In today's business environment, where the internet and other new media converge with television, radio and other traditional forms of media, it is essential for companies to understand how their businesses may be impacted by their own use of media, as well as the use of media by customers and others. Clients can rely on our attorneys to protect their interests.

Internet defamation and free speech

The line between freedom of speech and internet defamation is sometimes very thin. Our legal team understands how to use emerging Internet law to the advantage of clients whose businesses are threatened by online libel, trade libel or defamation. Our main objective in these cases is to have the defamatory material removed from the website in which it appears. In appropriate situations, we may also pursue civil litigation to recover damages.

Intellectual property: trademarks and internet copyright

Copyrighted content can be easily misappropriated and posted on the websites of other individuals or companies. We represent businesses, individuals and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in copyright cases. Our attorneys also handle trademark infringement issues, personal data issues and the unfair use of our clients' trademarks in the online materials of others.

Our firm is uniquely qualified to guide you through the expansion of your internet-based business, telecommunications-based business, or affiliated programs – ensuring that you are utilizing best-practice guidelines that adhere to relevant laws, rules and regulations. Our background adds value to clients who wish to take advantage of the dramatic and continuing changes in the way these areas are used and regulated.

Our firm regularly advises businesses and individuals on a wide range of digital media and internet legal matters, including:

  • Representing clients in Court concerning use of social media, online review sites, and other digital environments
  • Representing businesses and individuals in digital copyright, trademark, and unfair competition litigation
  • Representing clients in contract, terms-of-service, and licensing disputes related to digital content and services
  • Helping clients navigate the General Data Protection Regulation takedown process
  • Pre-publication review of websites, mobile applications, and other digital content for potential intellectual property, defamation, invasion of privacy and false advertising issues
  • Providing guidance on social media policies and best practices for businesses
  • Working with start-ups and other businesses to draft website terms of service, user agreements, and privacy policies
  • Advising on the use of emerging technologies in information-gathering and publishing
  • Advising platforms and intermediaries on various statutes and regulations
  • Advising and representing visual artists, filmmakers, writers, and other creatives in digital content licensing and rights clearance
  • Advising clients on digital advertising matters

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