Wills & Succession Law

Will & Succession Law at a glance

Will & Succession Law is the branch of private law which sets out the inheritance rules governing who and at what portion (known as the “compulsory portion”) will inherit the assets of a deceased person. A living person can also dispose his/ her estate by will, nonetheless he will be allowed to dispose only a portion of the estate (known as the “disposable portion"). The Cypriot rules of inheritance will apply to any person who is domiciled in Cyprus and any person who holds immovable property in Cyprus.

Sources of Cyprus Succession Law

  • Administration of Estates Law & Regulations
  • The Probates (Re-Sealing) Law, Cap. 192
  • Wills and Succession Law, Cap 195
  • The Law regulation the property of missing people, L. Ν. 178(I)/2003
  • Regulation 650/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of decisions and acceptance and enforcement of authentic instruments in matters of succession and on the creation of a European Certificate of Succession.

The expertise of EK in the field

Our Firm and our firm’s parent company, the Law Firm of Achilles & Emile C. Emilianides, has undisputed knowledge and vast experience in the field, which includes:

  • Considerable experience in handling major and leading succession and inheritance law cases;
  • Representation before the Registrars, the District Courts and the Supreme Court;
  • Drafting and execution of Wills and administration of estates;
  • Provide legal advice to natural and legal persons;
  • Drafting of legal opinions on every aspect of Will and Succession law;
  • Participation of Dr Prof Achilles C. Emilianides on the workgroup for the drafting of the European Regulation 650/2012;
  • Drafting of legal opinions upon request of clients, both national and international, with regards to the complex issues arising out of the Regulation 650/2012.

Why choose EK?

It is commonly known that our Firm and our firm’s parent company has significantly contributed to the development of the Will & Succession law in Cyprus. In particular, Senior Partner of our Firm’s parent company Constantinos A. Emilianides, who was a registered advocate since 1977 and has acted as the President (1988–1991) and Secretary (1985–1988) of the Nicosia Bar Association and as a Member of the Board of the Cyprus Bar Association (1988–1991), has had the honour to be appointed by the Legal Council Cyprus as a Lecturer on Will & Succession law. Mr Constantinos A. Emilianides was delivering the lectures for more than 10 years. In 2017 Dr Prof Achilles C. Emilianides, who has published the 'Family and Succession Law in Cyprus’ in 2012, has been appointed by the Legal Council Cyprus as a Lecturer on Will & Succession law, a position he holds until today.

Due to the unprecedented engagement of our Firm with Succession law, our litigators are experts in their field, selected for both their detailed knowledge and proven track record in their areas of specialism. We are proud to provide a service that encapsulates all the elements of professionalism that are expected from a leading firm, such as our own. You can have complete confidence that throughout our relationship, our team will offer continuous support and will act in your best interests.

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