Information Technology

Being one of the top law firms, we have an experience representing tech, software and IT companies in both litigation and transactional matters involving distribution, acquisition and employment matters.

Our clients include companies, charities, public sector organisations, software houses, web design agencies, organisations purchasing IT systems and companies that design and supply IT systems. We have experience in drawing up contracts that govern these relationships, and we have been involved in contracts ranging from several hundreds to several millions of euros.

We also advise operators of well-known e-commerce websites to ensure that they meet their compliance obligations under the ever-increasing requirements of European Union consumer and general data protection regulation (GDPR). We provide start-up clients with the complete suite of agreements necessary to distribute software applications under licence, and any other related services that may be required.

Our team is experienced in advising companies in the sector of procuring technology and IT related services, and in particular, amongst others, on the following:

  • Policies on monitoring employees' use of Internet technologies
  • Email notices and disclaimers
  • Website development, hosting and application service provision agreements
  • Domain name ownership issues and disputes
  • Software Licences
  • Support and Maintenance Agreements
  • Hardware supply Agreements
  • Outsourcing and System Integration Agreements
  • Escrow Arrangements
  • E-commerce
  • Compliance issues
  • Online Contracts
  • Software development contracts and licensing
  • Systems maintenance and service agreements
  • Data protection audits, compliance advice and privacy policies

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