Ever since the creation of the Silk Road that connected the East and the West, trade has been an international matter. In Cyprus, trade has always been one of the main economic industries. However, in today’s interconnected world, the challenge for traders, distributors, insurers and re-insurers is for their businesses to comply with complex and multi-level clauses of domestic, regional and international laws and regulations.

As a top law firm, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the trade industry and aim to assist in the advancement of trade, the protection of its interest and subjects, of traders themselves, buyers, distributors and consumers.

Our expert team of legal consultants assist a wide range of clients to comply with the domestic, EU and international legal and regulatory aspects of trade, investment and exchange relationships and provide advice in trade policy negotiations, on EU trade remedies, export controls, EU border measures, and provides, among others, the following services:

  • Reviewing and drafting of bilateral and multilateral trade, distribution agreements and other commercial agreements with domestic of international effect
  • Advice and implementation of mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence practices
  • Advice on tax regulations
  • Advice on trade remedies
  • Advice on international trade and investment treaties and disputes
  • Advice on competition law, corruption law and anti-money laundering law
  • Initiation of, or defending clients in, court actions in regard to breaches of contract clauses, pre-mature termination of contracts, fraud, and consumer protection

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