Automotive Transportation

In Cyprus, the purchase of a vehicle can be very important as it can have a high significance in determining a person’s standard of life, due to the long time he/she spends in it throughout the day, as well as serving as an indication of a person’s lifestyle.

Every individual that purchases a vehicle, as with every other piece of property with a considerable value, has certain expectations. Those expectations are defined, not only by common sense, but also by the requirements that have been established through Cyprus’s legal framework, which regulates this matter.

The Sale of Goods Act 1994, has set out the legal framework which ensures that goods in the national market are of a satisfactory quality. The Act requires, amongst others, that every person selling a specific good as part of his/her business is bound by an implied statutory term requiring that the product is of good enough quality. Therefore, everyone who purchases a vehicle must expect that his contract binds the seller on that matter. To help determine if a vehicle’s quality level is adequate, Courts have a series of factors to consider, as established by case law.

Another significant factor is that of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, we are among the countries with the highest-ranking traffic-related death rates, due to lack of road awareness. Any person involved in a traffic accident may face criminal liability or a civil lawsuit. Many litigation cases in Cyprus are related to the settlement of disputes and the imposition of penalties for car accidents.

Our law firm's expertise ranges from representing individuals that have purchased a new vehicle that did not meet their expectations, to having solicitors specialised in car accident claims. Always working in coordination with our client, we take all the essential and necessary steps in order to achieve the most favourable outcome for our client. We are a highly rated firm, representing clients before the Court, and claiming damages for traffic accidents, with the aim to receive compensation for our clients. Lastly, we appear before the District and Criminal Courts of Cyprus on behalf of our clients, defending them from lawsuits and criminal proceedings.

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