Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Artificial Intelligence and automated systems is already one of the defining developments of the 21st century. Facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, computer vision, augmented reality, and robotics are no longer on their way - they are already here.

Since April 2018, the European Commission has produced a document to promote artificial intelligence in all socio-economic sectors, leading to the Republic of Cyprus signing a declaration of cooperation with other EU member states to achieve collaborative action in the field of artificial intelligence.

Following the abovementioned updates in the technology industry at a global level, our firm is ready to support businesses’ product development, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships, as well as data sharing arrangements in the context of uncertain legal frameworks. Our services are designed to provide protection to our clients against risks that are profound and sometimes unprecedented.

As businesses deploy AI-driven services and products, they need to expect that these risks and concerns will manifest themselves in class-action lawsuits, regulatory enforcement, and with potentially visceral reputational consequences. We are launching this service to give our clients the confidence to succeed in their business and technology objectives by addressing these concerns head-on and mitigating their potential liability.

Our firm, which seamlessly combines Legal, Advisory, Corporate and Regulatory services, gathers together lawyers with experience in data privacy and cybersecurity, technology transactions, intellectual property and trade secrets, fintech and financial services, employment law, trade controls, class action and complex litigation, as well as AI governance, safety, and ethics.

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