Construction Law

The building and construction industry in Cyprus are characterised by speed of progress. There is an increasing number of new, complex and cost-intensive constructions in process, with constructors using the latest technology and methods to construct innovative structures.

There is a growing public focus on construction projects being sustainable, cost-effective and meeting planning requirements and environmental certification schemes.

Construction law comprises of all aspects of law closely related to the obligations of all participants in the process of a construction project. Hence, contracts and contractual obligations of, or between, participants in a construction process, sub-contracts, negligence and liability, guarantees, financing, insurance and performing security, dispute resolution and compliance with requirements imposed by law or legislation are all matters our expert legal team focuses on.

In our firm, Real Estate and Construction Law has been our focus for many years. Our expert team has a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of construction and construction law, including legal, financial, legislative, and environmental aspects of the area, and provides high quality advice in all aspects of construction law, including contracting, construction projects, environmental law, property development and real estate tax law.

Our firm is actively involved throughout the process of our clients’ construction projects, from planning and execution to completion, in order to secure compliance with all legal requirements, and avoid litigation and other legal conflicts.

Drafting and Negotiating Construction Contracts

It is vital for construction contracts to be legally sound, be grounded on reasonable expectations, include all necessary terms and conditions, exclusions and reasonable expectations, deadlines and scheduling delays and related compensation, jobsite conditions and notice requirements, in order to avoid possible future disputes between the parties or extra costs. Our expert team provides advice with regard to wrongful termination of construction contracts and represents clients in actions brought before the Courts.

Protecting Payments

It is also important to ensure that a contractor receives the full agreed payment, covering the costs of equipment, material and labour. Civil actions for recovery of unpaid sums may be brought by the innocent party.

Preventive Practices

A good practice in construction law does not necessarily include costly and time-consuming trials before the Courts, but rather it is actively involved during the construction process in order to prevent any conflicts from arising, it anticipates any possible disputes between the participants to a construction project, and prevents such issues from leading to premature termination of contracts or actions before the Courts. Our focus is always on resolving construction disputes rather than engaging in time consuming legal actions that will impose extra costs on our clients, except where litigation is unavoidable. Our expert team assists clients to avoid conflicts and resolve issues that may arise between the parties, securing that the construction process or future payments are not affected.

Our lawyers advise leading players in both public and private real estate, in both major and smaller construction projects, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, material suppliers, financial institutions, prospective buyers and owners, and provide a wide range of construction law advice and assistance, including the following services:

  • Preliminary contract negotiations between contractors and developers
  • Drafting and preparation of construction contracts and assessment of contract terms
  • Revision and review of existing contracts
  • Consulting and assisting with construction proposals and new projects
  • Technical consultancy contracts and service agreements provided by architects and engineers
  • Property development and all related contracts
  • Procurement and tender process
  • Environmental and planning legislation
  • Legal advice on delays or defects regarding the construction
  • Legal advice to complicated real estate transactions
  • Employment contracts and sub-contractor agreements
  • Insurance and tax-related matters
  • Legal representation in construction claims
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Transfer of property


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