Private International Law

Private International law concerns the regulation of private relationships in International law. Private International law mainly focuses on the choice of laws in a private relationship, whether that is a trade agreement between two corporations from different legal jurisdictions or the dissolution of marriage between natural persons from different countries or with different residences.

Our firm has a leading practice in the field of private international law, with members of our team having been involved in academic research in the field. 

Our legal consultants provide advice to clients on the application and interpretation of International law instruments, multilateral and bilateral treaties and conventions that Cyprus has signed and ratified, especially concerning the law of the Sea, trade, foreign investments, mutual assistance in civil and criminal law matters, arbitration, and family law issues.

Our consultants have also been engaged in dealing with proceedings before the Courts regarding the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, have engaged in negotiations and drafting of trade and distribution agreements between Cypriot and foreign companies, and have provided advice in regard to issues involving foreign jurisdiction and foreign arbitration clauses.

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