Internet & Social Media

Our legal consultants can assist with social media defamation, online harassment and privacy, confidentiality and data protection.

Defamation on social media can seriously harm the reputation of both individuals and businesses. The reach of social media, and the ease and speed with which malicious or damaging content can be posted and shared online, is greater nowadays than ever before. If you or your business have suffered as a result of being defamed on social media, or from any online harassment or have privacy concerns, we can help you by seeking the removal of the offending content and/or by taking legal action for damages, compensation, an apology, a correction as well as an injunctive relief.

Our legal advisors are experienced in dealing with the legal and practical issues involved in such cases and can help you decide what action to take.

Our legal services in Cyprus include:

  • Seeking removal of the offending content by taking action against the individual(s) involved (“cease and desist”)
  • Requiring the platform operator or host of the site to remove or block comments, posts, images or links (“notice and take down”) and/or to identify and/or ban the individual(s) involved
  • Bringing a claim for defamation, harassment, breach of confidence, misuse of private information, breach of copyright and data protection breaches

Please contact a member of our legal advisory team for any further information and/or clarifications.

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