We represent clients in judicial and extrajudicial dispute-settlement procedures. Our presence before the courts of Cyprus and several arbitration tribunals affirms the long-standing reputation of our law firm. Through thorough knowledge of the specific facts of each case that we handle, along with their analysis on a substantial and procedural legal level, we ensure that our client’s interests are forcefully advanced before the judicial authorities, at all levels. We ensure that both the substantive and the procedural interests of our clients are well secured. Our Litigation department also offers substantial advice on the case strategy that best fits the interests of each case and the objective pursued. It is our unnegotiable principle and well-understood method of practice to handle judicial procedures quickly and time-efficiently, urging against time-consuming strategies that do not serve the best interests of our clients. Our legal consultants passionately and forcefully represent our clients before all Courts of Cyprus, in every district, including special courts and the Supreme Court.

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