Real Estate Law

Real estate law is a fascinating branch of civil law which regulates one of the most fundamental human rights, the right of a natural or legal person to possess, use and enjoy his or her property. Real estate law directly or indirectly impacts most of us on a daily basis, affecting homeowners, renters, landlords, home-buyers and home-sellers, contributing in that way to the thriving and prosperity of the economy and the real estate industry.

Legislation of Real Estate Law

  • The Cypriot Constitution
  • Law of Contract, Cap 149
  • Law of immovable property, Cap 224
  • Law of the Sale of immovable Property (Specific Performance), L. 81(I)/2011
  • Law of the transfer and mortgaging of immovable property, L. 9/1965
  • Law of the taxation of immovable property, Cap 332
  • Law of Trusts
  • Law of the taxation of Capital Gains, Cap 332
  • Law of Real estate Agents

The expertise of EK in the field

The law of immovable property is a traditional area of practice for our firm’s parent company, the Law Firm of ‘Achilles & Emile C. Emilianides’. Throughout their years of practice, ‘Achilles & Emile C. Emilianides’ and our Firm have been engaged in this complex and fundamental area of law and have contributed to the development of the law in this field.

Our firm has been dealing with the application of the laws enacted to address the financial challenges that arose from the Cyprus financial crisis in 2012, which had devastating consequences on the real estate sector in Cyprus.

Our firm has ever since represented clients, including major credit institutions, before the District Courts, significantly contributing to the case law on the matter and serving our client’s best interests.

Our firm has also delivered training to the staff and officials of major credit institutions, which are the most significant stakeholders, contributing to the implementation of the law, developing new practices and setting up processes which are provided for in the relevant laws.

Why choose EK?

Because we have established connections and business relations with major stakeholders in the industry over the years and know how to deal with the industry’s complex issues and needs.

Our litigators understand the regulatory maze and have the knowledge and experience to assist clients efficiently and effectively in their progression throughout the regulatory process.

In EK we provide creative answers to your legal questions, we know how to offer innovative solutions and we operate on a strict code of high-standard professionalism.

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