As a top law firm, our legal consultants have been engaged in educational trainings to clients and their staff, upon national and international clients’ request.

Our advocates regularly conduct educational trainings to stakeholders, as these are defined in the relevant laws. By way of example, our law firm’s partner, Mr Konstantinos Katsaros has delivered lectures in credit institutions officials regarding the foreclosure procedures and other major issues of interest to this particular industry.

Our law firm has additionally set up a team of litigators who deal with GDPR issues, even before the GDPR came into force. EK’s GDPR team is headed by Dr Prof. Achilles C. Emilianides and is capable to provide services of the highest quality and respond to your companies’ complex needs.

For us, the ultimate purpose is the accomplishment of the objective of educating the stakeholders. This purpose is achieved by constantly training our staff including participation in seminars and international forums, and by keeping themselves up to date and ready to provide professional services of the highest quality.

EK’s services

  • Preparation and submission of comprehensive proposals for the offering of our services, tailored on the client’s needs as these are described throughout our correspondence
  • Delivery of projects which aim to go beyond the simple evaluation of your needs and provide services which aim to conduct and deliver a comprehensive awareness programme
  • Setting up proper and efficient Methodology & Action Plans
  • Kick-off meetings between the EK team and client’s designated team and setting up and conducting training sessions with smaller focus groups & evaluating their needs
  • Preparation of presentation material by EK team, adjusted to the needs of your company
  • Various training sessions
  • Continuous legal support and training

Why Choose EK?

Because EK’s educational team members are young and passionate litigators who are delighted to transmit knowledge in the industry of your interest.

They have acquired an extensive and recognised experience in providing diverse training services to private and public national and international entities.

They are up to date and follow all developments in order to present all challenges and stakes in the industry of your interest.

We understand the regulatory maze and have the knowledge and experience to assist you efficiently and effectively throughout your progression.

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