Employment Law

The legal principles of Cypriot Labour Law derive from Common law legislation and are complemented by applicable Cypriot laws and by contract law Cap.149. The prevailing view remains that the provisions of Cypriot Labour Law are of mandatory character and cannot be undermined by private agreements signed between the parties which either restrict or exclude the right safeguarded by law.

In addition, the employment relationship is by its nature peculiar and complicated and its constantly changing as the rights and obligations of the involved parties are differentiated over time.

Pursuant to the Employer's Notification of the Terms and Conditions of the Contract or Work Plan Law of 2000 (Law 100 (I) / 2000) section 4 et seq, upon the commencement of employment each employer is obliged to inform the employees in writing for the essential terms of the employment.

Furthermore, during the employment period, there are more specific laws which determine the obligations and rights of the parties, such as The Employees with Fixed-Term Work (Prohibition of Discrimination) Law of 2003 (98 (I) / 2003), The Equal Treatment of Men and Women in Employment and Vocational Education Act 2002 (Law 205 (I)/2002,which are designed to ensure equality in the work environment. There also laws that had been set for the protections of the employee’s rights with regards the salary, such as The Wage Protection Law of 2007 (35 (I) / 2007) and Τhe minimum wage of salary Law Cap.183.

Essential to Cypriot Law, is The Termination of Employment Law of 1967(24/1967), which defines the cases that one can legally terminate an employment relationship and the cases where an employee may be dismissed as a redundant employee.

All disputes arising out of the employment relationship are settled by the Labour Disputes Court, which has been established by The Law on Annual Leave Permits of 1967 (8/1967).

Our office has been dealing with a multitude of labor cases, representing both employers and employees, not only as regards to the drafting of employment contracts and service agreements, often with provisos and restrictive clauses, but also with handling of employer/employee disputes before the Court. We are further involved in providing legal advices to businesses related to their staff and constantly assist them on any problem that may arise.

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