Sports Law

Sports law has been characterised as an aspect of law which is not only rising and growing but it also covers several areas of law such as tort, contract and even constitutional law. Specifically, sports law can be considered as a combination of laws that are applicable to athletes, considering the nature of sports they perform. However, when it comes to sports law, several factors are taken into consideration such as the status of the athlete. However, some laws vary on the grounds of this type of law whilst some laws vary for other reasons.

Legal consultants who advise or represent athletes, have a significant role when it comes to negotiating contracts for the professional athlete they represent. Legal consultants that represent athletes should be skilled and qualified in the fundamental of contracts whilst they should also be aware of their clients’ market value in comparison with his colleagues that perform the exact same sport.

Seemingly, a sports contract has indeed a very private and exceptional nature which leads to the decision of the employers and sponsors to ask for an exclusive arrangement. For example, a sponsor might have a contract between an athlete and himself where contract states that this athlete must wear or use my brand’s products in each and every appearance. If the athlete involved in the contract fails to act accordingly, the sponsor will be legally allowed to terminate the contract.

The most essential and fundamental contract of an athlete is the employment contract, and, undeniably, it is the one that raises the most concerns. The contract between the athlete and the employer controls and regulates the rights and responsibilities of both parties. These contracts can reflect the power of the parties involved. A typical athlete's contract is in a written form of a document which includes all the constitutional rights and privileges athletes can enjoy.

If this strict frame of laws that controls the players’ conduct along with several bodies that supervise or manage them did not exist, sports would probably be disordered creating a feeling of confusion and misperception which would have a negative impact on the field of sports law. Fortunately, the status and reputation of sports law has never been more advanced. Sports law successfully protects the legal rights of athletes as it is evident by the fact that athletes are given the same opportunities to get involved and engaged in the area of sports they are interested in.

Furthermore, the field of sports law prohibits any kind of discrimination that might occur because of factors such as personal beliefs, preferences race or size. Equality is evident in sports since every athlete that has the required skills, knowledge and capability to perform is provided with the same equal opportunities. However, what makes this employment area very difficult to be a part of, are the limitation of players, a firm or team is in need. Thus, the procedure of hiring players must be reasonable. This kind of equality emerges from the kind of rules and regulations that exist through the sports law.

Our legal consultants are experienced in advising and providing, amongst others, the following legal services to athletes and teams:

  • Contract preparation
  • Negotiating of the contract
  • Manager services
  • Representation before the Cyprus Courts and Authorities

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